The Ministry of Education (MOE) revealed that classes taught online and at-home are less effective as compared to face-to-face learning. Education Minister Mohd Radzi Md Jidin even said that he’s noticed weaknesses in online home-based learning—especially since the change is something new for not only the students, but the parents and teachers.

“Besides that, a lot of students can’t follow the new online curriculum because they don’t have the best access for communication. This is affecting both teaching and studying based on online home-based learning,” said Mohd Radzi.

The Minister also stated that if the home-based situation continues, students that don’t have as much access to online communications won’t be able to reach better results. It will also affect their motivation and interest for education.

“The relationship between student and school is affected as they are separated from a school environment for so long. I’m confident students, parents and teachers understand how crucial it is for schools to be reopened, and classes would continue safely,” he adds.

Students across the country have been resorting to online home-based learning after schools have been closed since the beginning of the MCO. Problems with the lack of connection has affected many students in rural areas like Veveonah and Rose, as they resort to climbing high areas to get a mobile signal.

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Image Source Bernama