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Frequently Asked Questions

The RM5000 Credit refers to our Cendol Buy Now Pay Later service, and later on will also be related to our in-house Termed Instalment service.

For Cendol Buy Now Pay Later, you can make a purchase immediately and pay for it next month, with up to 3 months in equal instalments.

You will first need to be a registered member of Cendol. After you have an account on Cendol, browse your Profile > Edit Account Information > Apply for BNPL

You will be brought thru a step-by-step system, where you will be required to provide you MyKad ID for verification.

Upon successfully completing this, your account will be credit with an amount between RM150 - RM5000 depending on your financial background.

Credit purchases are limited to certain products on Cendol. We are looking to expand the catalog of items that can be purchased using our credit system.

Products that are able to be paid with credit will have a "BNPL" title to them, where if the customer wants to purchase something and pay it with BNPL, they will need to choose the BNPL version of the product.

During checkout, customer needs to take note of the duration of the instalment, and that there are no other products except for the item that is to be paid via BNPL. Customer need only follow the simple instructions after clicking confirm at the check-out page.

Customer may check their Cendol BNPL payment and purchase history from within their Cendol Account.

My Account > Cendol Pay Later

Late payment charges apply when customer who utilize Cendol Buy Now Pay Later is unable to make payment within the stipulated time frame.

For example - 

1st January - Customer made BNPL purchase

1st February - Auto Deduction is made, but failed

5th February - After 5 calendar days has passed but no payment able to be deducted or paid by customer.

6th February - Late Payment Charges apply.

  • BNPL payments will be auto deducted on the same calendar date the next month
  • Cendol provides a grace period of 5 days for customer to make payment should the auto deduct fail
  • Customer may contact Cendol Team if they have issues for making payment, during the grace period to try and avoid Late Payment Charges.

BNPL Late Payment Charges is an additional 1.5% levied on the amount.

You are required to make full repayments for your Cendol BNPL purchases. To make things easy, all BNPL purchase will have an auto-deduct system applied to your credit card until the full payment is collected.

Should you not be able to make payments on time, and have a Late Payment charge applied to your account, your Cendol BNPL account will be suspended until full payment including late charges are received.

Take note that the Late Payment charge of 1.5% will be charged on the unpaid overdue amount on a monthly basis.

Cendol will take necessary measures to make claims on any unpaid amounts via financial blacklisting with credit reporting agencies or legal route.

Cendol will send notifications to customers when our system is unable to make automatic deductions from the account registered. This is to help customers make payment on time and avoid any unnecessary fees to be applied on their purchase amount, or having the account suspended.