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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Cendol. We are taking the concept of e-commerce and throwing it out of the window! What we are is an O2O platform that combines Ashita Group network of dealers throughout Malaysia and making them to be one entity under the Cendol Platform, powered by Wisepay.

Whats different you ask? In time, the items that you buy from us will be served by the nearest smartphone store to your location. This means quicker delivery times and better support for you, the customer. No more dealing with a HQ you dont know about, or having to deliver back a faulty product in a different region.

Not only that, we are one of the first local platform who offers credit purchase to all our customers who qualify, allowing them the ability to purchase the product that they want and make payments for it in monthly installments, even for those who do not qualify to get a credit card. This is an in-house effort, and you wont be seeing this anywhere outside of Cendol.

So who we are? We are the biggest group of mobile sellers joined into one, and we are here at your service to provide you the best deals, 5 star customer service, and plenty more irresistible attractions for you to shop with us.

Just like a refreshing bowl of cendol, youll find all your favorite things here at